Genesis Theme Framework Helps You Design Your Website

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Designing a website may not be the favourite task of a lot of online marketers or bloggers who uses WordPress for their website.  Since it involves a lot of technicalities, it takes up a lot of their time.  Many would hire a professional web designer but some may not have the budget allotted for a web designer’s fee.
Luckily, the Genesis Theme Framework was created and introduced to the market.  It basically helps website owners design their website and lots more.
The Features of Genesis Theme Framework
Designs – There are more than 40 child themes to choose from.  Plus, you can change the design if you wish. The layouts are clean and the designs make it easy for people to navigate through the page.  All you have to do is select the theme that you want and your website design is done. No more going over scripts and html’s and other technicalities that would take up a lot of your time.
SEO – Many online marketers would benefit from this since it is already optimized. It also connects to the site’s social media accounts.  It has hassle-free upgrades and lots of plugins.
Featured Post Widgets – Depending on the theme that you chose, you can also make use of the featured post widgets to give your clients a heads-up on what’s new with your business, or your website.
Notifications – You will also be notified when someone comments on your blog or when someone links back to your website.
Bottom line is, your website has been designed and you still get full control over it.  Why not head over to its full review to get you started on designing and creating your envisioned website?

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