Five Steps To Creating A Successful Affiliate Launch Using LeadPages

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LeadPages can be a very important tool for creating an entire affiliate promotion funnel that captures leads and increases conversions in the most efficient way possible. Its suite of templates can be customized and adapted to meet your specific needs.


For entrepreneur Amy Porterfield, LeadPages is especially effective when used for designing and building an entire funnel for the launch of a product that she wants to promote as an affiliate. Her big takeaway was that LeadPages is incredibly powerful to get results through a professional, sophisticated approach. This route was suitable for the big-ticket program that Amy was representing.


The following five steps can be used for selling almost anything, with the appropriate tweaks and adjustments.


1. Enhance awareness and understanding for your product: Create a focused webinar
– Use the LeadPages template Web 3.0 Webinar Registration Page.
– Customize with your own headline, copy and image.
– Add a countdown timer to the page to create urgency (Amy attests that this simple addition spikes conversions).
– LeadPages will already take care of integrating the page with GoToWebinar and InfusionSoft.


2. Push for more live attendees to your webinar and get more results: Create a “Thank You for Registering” page
– Use the LeadPages template Thank You Page.
– As soon as somebody registers for your webinar, they will receive the thank you page.
– Upload a video to the page. Make it short and sweet. It could be a fun message that confirms their registration and a little explanation why live attendance is important.
– Add two action steps on the thank you page:
Ask them to “like” your Facebook page (this allows you to establish relationships with potential attendees better).
Remind them to check their email for webinar details… and to come in early for the LIVE session.
– Don’t skip making this page because the registration thank you page has been proven to increase conversions by 100 percent or more.


3. Make webinar registration much easier for your email subscribers: Set up LeadLinks and enjoy 100 percent conversion.
– By using the LeadLinks tool, you can dramatically reduce the number of steps your email list needs to take to sign up for the webinar.
– LeadLinks will generate a registration link unique to your email subscribers. With just one click on the link, they are automatically registered for the webinar.
– Your email subscribers won’t need to provide their email address when they register.
– Take advantage of LeadLinks features; use it to market your webinar on social media as well as inside your own email list.


4. Make your content easily available and more accessible to everyone: Create a webinar replay page.
– Use the LeadPages Webinar Replay template.
– Add a countdown timer to inform people about the time frame during which the webinar is still available for those who missed it.
– If you’re selling an affiliate product, the template with countdown can also be used to highlight the deadline for purchasing it.
– Maximize the button placed below the webinar replay video. You can use that button to lead people to another page such as your sales pages, lead generation pages, website, a bonus gift, etc.


5. Capture the names and information of your target audience: Use the LeadBoxes tool.
– While waiting for your webinar or product to be officially available, you can sustain the market interest by coming up with an experience that’s related but unique to the product that you’re launching.
– Examples of pages you can create: a bonus page offering something of value that will prepare them for the main event, or one more thank you page that confirms and assures the subscriber of their official registration.
– Equip this page with LeadBoxes to capture the email addresses of those who have opted in.


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