Faster Web Page Load Increases SEO Rankings and Conversion Rates

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Ever visited a website that loads slowly?  Do you find yourself automatically looking for another website that offers the same product just because the previous site takes forever to load?
Well, that’s what happens when you turn the table around.
Generally, people won’t have the patience to wait for your page to open up.  They simply move on.  What’s worse is, they will buy from your competitors instead because your competitors have a similar product and a webpage that loads fast.
Those are just some of the disadvantages of having a slow website.  Here’s more.
More Disadvantages of having a Slow Web Page Load
According to some figures from KISSmetrics, at least 40% of people move on to the next website if a site takes longer than three seconds to finish loading. 47% expects that it will complete loading in just two seconds.  So if one-second is added to the waiting time, the 7% is deducted from that 47%. Hence the 40%.
Lost Revenue – So if your online business or e-commerce website earns at least $100,000 a day, that 7%  deduction caused by the one-second delay would cost $2.5 …in sales…per year.  No business owners would want that to happen to them which is why they ought to know how to solve this.
Lower SEO Ranking – Google Analytics confirmed that when a website has a slow landing page, it affects the search engine rankings as well.  Which means that if this is affected, the SEO ranking will go down.
Instead of limiting the heavy awesome graphics on your Squeeze Page, Sales Page or even a Thank You page, you can use LeadPages.  This software is developed by LeadBrite.  It makes your landing pages load really fast, even when you have heavy graphics on your website.
When you create a landing page through LeadPages, it is guaranteed to pass a 78-point inspection which assesses the speed as well as the page’s efficiency.  Your landing pages are also up to date with the current web standards such as the HTML5 and the CSS3.
In addition to these speed-increasing factors, LeadPages would be hosting your landing pages on Google server network, which happens to be the fastest server in the world.  So if ever you have a massive campaign to launch for your new product or your new service, you need to create your landing page through LeadPages so that it would load fast and your local or global customers wouldn’t move on to another site…your competitors website.
Head over to this link and get LeadPages. Increase your website’s conversion rates, SEO rankings and more importantly…more revenue!

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