FAQs About LiveChat, A Feature-Packed Live Support Chat Software

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Why do many consider LiveChat as one of the best examples of live support chat software out in the market?

Do the valuable features they offer allow businesses to foster better relationships with their clients and, in turn, increase conversions and profits?


Among the features that have convinced both start-ups and more established businesses to this chat software are customization – the ability to track back previous communication with site visitors, personalized chats, social media integration, compatibility with mobile devices, reports and monitoring, and more.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions to help you decide better.

How do I add LiveChat to my website?

Adding LiveChat to your website involves four steps, starting with signing up for a free 30-day trial. After signup, you will need to install a code from the LiveChat code section. Once the code has been placed in your website’s HTML files, you can use the chat software either through a Web application or through one of LiveChat’s other applications to communicate with customers.


What are the pricing plans available?

LiveChat offers three pricing plans: Solo, Team and Enterprise.


The Solo, which is offered for $36/month, is for small businesses with only one person designated to chatting with clients.


The Team is offered for $39/agent/month. It is aimed at small and medium scale enterprises with a small team tasked to chat with clients.


The Enterprise, on the other hand, is offered for $59/agent/month and is designed for enterprise class businesses that need advanced reporting and management options.


What kinds of reports are available?

All plans have the following reports: daily summary, last seven days, chat number, ratings, queue, availability, goals and survey.


The Team and Enterprise plans allow agents or a group of agents to filter each of the aforementioned reports. The Enterprise has its own engine which can either provide reports on a scheduled basis or generated manually. The Enterprise plan also allows its users to export reports into a file.

Can site visitors be invited to chat?

There are two ways to send greetings to customers. First, automated greetings are sent to customers when certain conditions are satisfied. On the other hand, LiveChat also allows agents to manually greet customers.


Can I customize the chat window?

LiveChat allows users to customize the chat window. Among the changes users can implement are choosing the color scheme, making use of the business’s own logo, varying the position of the chat window and even changing the language of the window.


Can the agent’s email address be changed?

You cannot change the agent’s email address. You can, however, sign in with another email address after adding a new agent in the Agents section and deleting the other account. Be reminded, though, that ownership must be passed to the new account before the deletion of the previous account is done.


What about after work hours?

When your agents sign off from work, LiveChat switches to offline mode. In this setting, your customers can leave messages which your agents can answer when they report back to work.


Are you ready to try it out?

If you see the advantages that LiveChat can give you and your business, then check out this link and get to know more about this amazing tool and start using it right now.

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