Evaluating A LiveChat Software Review — How To Guarantee A Positive Customer Experience

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Businesses use live chat as another option for providing customer service because it delivers real-time response, and when customers want to know or ask about something, they want and need instant help. In this LiveChat software review we will list down features that will help your customer support and tech support team to deliver better responses to your customers.

Here’s a checklist of live chat etiquette


• Listen well and listen good.
Having good communications skills isn’t just about speaking well. It’s also about knowing how to listen. When a customer has trouble explaining an issue, allow him or her to finish out a thought. Never talk over customers. It’s not only rude, but it also prevents you from finding out all the details that’ll lead to viable solutions to the customer’s issue.


• Be friendly, but not familiar.
A friendly manner will always diffuse an irritated customer. In most cases, customers gain satisfaction when their problems are dealt with in a polite way, even when the solution isn’t instantly presented. But being friendly doesn’t actually mean being too casual with the customer. There may be customer segments (e.g. artists, animators, or gamers) that allow representatives and tech support teams to use a more casual approach like injecting humor into the conversation. In the same way, there will be customers (e.g. bankers, executives, or brokers) that require formal responses and chit-chats are likely to turn them off.


• Be clear about certain points and never lie to the customer.
Whether it’s an extra charge on a travel ticket upgrade or forfeiting on certain privileges, customer service representatives need to be very clear about their responses and what each solution may entail. It’s never a good thing to lie to a customer just to avoid disappointing them during the live chat.


• Be very knowledgeable.
Representatives and tech support people who know what they’re talking about will impress customers. So it’s critical that people who need to speak to customers or clients are well trained. They have to know about the products and services like the back of their hands. They have to know all the offers — in their sleep. They have to be thoroughly informed in order to deliver the most awesome customer experience. Because when customers are happy with a service, they tend to spread the good news to other potential customers.


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