Developers of Genesis Framework Simplifies Upgrading to Genesis 2.0

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Brian Gardner, the founder of StudioPress and also the developer of Genesis recognizes that the current Genesis Framework users; such as various site owners and webmasters are concerned about the necessary upgrade to Genesis 2.0.
Because of this built up concern, he wrote an article in response to the online world explaining Genesis 2.0 further and why they shouldn’t worry about upgrading it.
Brian Gardner’s Response to Upgrade Concerns
His article gives assurance to current users and would be users of the Genesis Framework that he and his team paid close attention to the backward compatibility of developing this latest Genesis version.  In line with their promise of having a smooth one-click update, they have worked on making the update or upgrading experience safe, secure and pleasant.
Features of the New Genesis Version
Brian Gardner emphasized that there are a lot of new features that comes with the new version.  For instance, with the HTML5 Markup. Now users might think about how they would go about changing from XHTML to HTML5 and this is where the support of team Genesis comes in.  The transition would be easy that even after users update their theme; their website would continue to output the current XHTML markup.  They would be launching quite a lot of themes that would also have the support for HTML5 markup.  It would include both the new themes as well as the updated version of the current themes. To help users understand the difference of the XHTML markup in Genesis 1.0 from the HTML5 markup in Genesis 2.0 themes, they can read the published comparison chart that provided the information.
Result of the Changes Made
What’s important is when you upgrade your website to a Genesis 2.0, it would easy and harmless; that you wouldn’t have to re-do any of your customizations because upgrading it will be a piece of cake right?  Well, that’s what the Genesis team did.  Updating your theme would be an easy process.
As for web developers, they are encouraged to study the documentations of code snippets as well as the tutorials for HTML5 elements in order for them to be more familiar with what’s new.
Now, if you are ready to upgrade to Genesis 2.0, head over to this full review and enjoy all its new and cool features.

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