Chat Room Software Review – Here’s How To Install LiveChat

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Why do well-known companies and institutions like Acer, Air Asia, Stanford University, Asos, Samsung, Hilton, Warby Parker and the US State Department choose LiveChat as their chosen chat room platform?

In most Chat room software reviews you would notice testimonials from satisfied customers who use LiveChat. Apart from the standard features offered in other similar software, LiveChat offers various solutions that make it the best in its class.

Customization, social media engagement, feedback and statistics, mobile compatibility, security, reporting and monitoring are but some of the features.


Apart from these, reports like daily summary, last seven days reports, chat number, ratings, queue, availability, goals and surveys are standard in all plans.


LiveChat offers three plans which can benefit start-ups and more established brands. The Solo plan is offered at $36/month and is geared for smaller businesses with just one person manning the chat room. The Team plan is offered for $39/month/agent and has team-based features. The Enterprise plan, which is available for $59/month/agent, offers more advanced management and reporting options.’


LiveChat can be easily installed. First, you start off by signing up for a free 30-day trial. The sign up process just takes five minutes and does not require the user’s credit card. It does, however, require you to input your name, email address and your password for the account.


After signing up, you will need to log in to your account and get the install code from the LiveChat code section. Afterwards, you can then proceed to place the code to your website’s HTML files.


After this, you can use the web application or any of the other applications LiveChat offers.


LiveChat for Windows, in particular, is one of the most popular applications used by those who have installed the chat room software because of its many useful features and because it can be quickly installed and used by the agents. The application allows agents to gather useful information about the customer they are chatting with, enabling them to convert prospects into customers. In addition, the application allows access to a customer’s name, location and the particular Web page that they have spent the most time on. Your agents can save valuable time because LiveChat for Windows offers canned responses to frequently asked questions.


Responding to customer queries can spell the difference between a customer who’s still sitting on the fence and one ready to make an informed purchase (Get useful tips on how to make communication more successful here). And you know which type is the better customer.


If you’re looking for an effective live chat software for your business, then check out LiveChat through this link and get it up on your site.

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