Build Outstanding Marketing Pages With OptimizePress 2.0

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With thousands of individuals and organizations building their personal blogs or business websites on WordPress, it can be challenging to come up with Web design and content that are sure to catch the eye of Internet users — not to mention interest and engage them enough to motivate them to browse through the site, learn about the business, and perhaps complete a purchase or two. Fortunately, there is a WordPress plugin that can help business owners (even ones with little programming or Web design experience and know-how) create fantastic pages that work to boost consumer reach and conversions, and it’s called OptimizePress.


While this WordPress theme’s pilot version successfully enabled businesses everywhere to design their own conversion pages, build their lists, create full-scale product launches and sell virtually anything on their sites, the team behind OptimizePress decided to take things to a higher level by introducing OptimizePress 2.0.


Among other impressive features, the new version comes with the revolutionary “LiveEditor” system which is designed to help users build stunning marketing pages in just a few minutes without needing to fuss with shortcode editors.


Here’s what you can do to improve the performance of your website using OptimizePress 2.0’s LiveEditor:


1. You can choose the number of columns to use on your site (from one to six columns).


2. Rows can be customized to display different color backgrounds or background images.


3. The new Element browser lets you add all sorts of functions to your page (there are over 250 built-in elements available) such as feature boxes, buttons, bullet blocks, audio and video players, opt-in boxes, and more.


4. You can use the Drag and Drop function to rearrange columns or move rows up and down the page.


5. Select the typography or Google font, font size, style and color that will help your content pop out and catch reader attention.


6. Make use of advanced options that enable you to easily add customized shortcodes to specific elements for greater functionality.


With over 50 page templates available and an easy-to-use “click and edit” interface thanks to the LiveEditor, OptimizePress 2.0 lets you design your business’s marketing pages like a pro in just a few minutes — giving your website a healthy conversion boost. Click here to discover more new features from OptimizePress 2.0.

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