BackupBuddy Backups Are Meant For These Two Main Things

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After installing the BackupBuddy plugin on your site and running scheduled backups, what’s the next thing to do?


You Can Restore

Restoring involves a process, in the online world, of returning all the parts of your website to the same exact location. When you get hacked or when your server fails, you lose files. By restoring it to its original state, you get to keep the same domain name and the same database information that you were using when you made the backup of course. Note: Your original site will be completely replaced by the new one, although everything will still be the same.


MigrateStart Migrating

If you think your current server is no longer working for you or if your domain has become irrelevant, then a migration might be a good idea. BackupBuddy ensures that your migration is done through a safe channel. Note: When migrating, be sure to take note of your new Domain Name and all the necessary information on your new Host.



– In both restoring and migrating, you make use of the importbuddy.php file.
– All files, regardless if you restore or migrate, will end up in the same directory.
– All applications are kept inside the ImportBuddy directory
– WordPress will automatically be installed during migration or restoration


If you plan on changing your domain name or take on the difficult task of moving to a different server, BackupBuddy is the safest and easiest way to get your WordPress site to where you’d want it. Think this plugin is what you need? Then, get it here and install the latest version on your site.

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