Backup Buddy: Best WordPress Backup Plugin – 2013 Products For Websites

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Backing up your business website could very well be the most important thing you could do to protect valuable information contained in your site.
Your site would likely contain confidential customer information database, your emails containing data business transactions, your business contacts and other business-related content. What could you possibly do if all these were lost in an instant and cannot be recovered? This could end your operations and mean you lose all you have worked hard for.

Why backup your website?
Loss of relevant data like the ones mentioned above means loss of customers and sales.
If you lose all data on your site, you have to build your site from scratch and do everything all over again.

How can you protect your WordPress site from data loss?

You can prevent this from happening by backing up your WordPress site with Backup Buddy – one of the best WordPress backup plugin 2012 has to offer. It is a WordPress plugin which can help you back up your entire WordPress site including your widgets, themes, SQL database, files and your plugins using the smart plugin feature.
Additional Features
It has the capability to quickly restore your WordPress site in a few clicks. You don’t have to install WordPress and all of your plugins all over again or reformat your WordPress theme.
You will be able to use Backup Buddy to restore your files to different servers or domains easily if you ever want to transfer your site to a different location. This feature is very popular among WordPress developers who build custom websites for different clients.
You can schedule backing up your website and never worry about forgetting to manually back it up. Your backup can be sent directly to your Dropbox account, Amazon S3, Rackspace cloud, your email or an FTP server. You can even download your backup directly to your computer.
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Purchase your Backup Buddy plugin on our website and choose from a great selection of products which you can use to further improve your online business operations.
Read the full Backup Buddy review to know more about its amazing features.

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