Backup Buddy 3.3 Features That You’ll Surely Love

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Not so long ago, we all protect our websites by creating backups of what we have. We do this by downloading virtually almost all the things we can and keeping a copy of it somewhere in our computer. The whole basic concept hasn’t changed but thanks to Backup Buddy, the whole process has definitely been made easier.


Getting all our online content and all the different parts of our sites safe and secure all happen within a few minutes. We even have the ability to move our entire WordPress site from one server to another.


cancel-buttonWith the new Backup Buddy 3.3, we now have more features to make the entire process more convenient for users.


The CANCEL Button
Some ‘trigger fingers” may have a problem starting a backup without checking what they want or don’t want copied. You end up spending more time waiting for the process to end or restart the whole thing. Now, you can just cancel any unwanted backups by clicking the CANCEL Button.


Plugin Reconciliation
Many of us love plugins that we end up grabbing everything that we see on a high recommendation or those that have a feature that can be useful for our website. But having too many plugins may result in conflicts. The big problem here is that we have no way of identifying the conflict ourselves, unless you’re a tech-savvy web developer or if you could spare some cash to hire one.


With the new Backup Buddy, you can quickly identify conflicts and view all the other useful information such as configurations, site and database size, setting recommendations, file transfer status and stats, file permission and verification, and database stats.


Spot Broken Backups
Broken backups can be a huge headache especially when you’re restoring your site. This may result in the loss of some data or complete segments if not fixed. But with the built-in integrity scan, you can quickly recognize the good backups from the broken ones.


It comes with a Bonus!
Yes! If you think this quick review of Backup Buddy 3.3 was useful, then head on over to our complete review page and buy the product, and get a bonus. Plus, if you’re Swedish, Backup Buddy 3.3 also comes with Swedish translation, Häftigt!

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