AWeber Vs. Constant Contact

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Back in the day, businesses used to actually publish a print newsletter. After creating the copy and laying it out, they would have printed it on quality stock paper to be folded and then inserted in envelopes with postage stamps. What a lot of bother and expense! And then came the Internet age, and newsletters became electronic and were more easily distributed via email.


Email marketing services that became available to companies wanting to capitalize on the conveniences offered by the Web have grown more sophisticated over the years. The choices have also become plentiful, so you really have to do your research to figure out which one would serve as the best business tool for you.


Two of the most popular email marketing products out there are AWeber and Constant Contact. When it comes to pricing, what’s more practical is really based on what particular needs your company has with regard to email marketing. Many reviewers have mentioned that AWeber is the more cost-efficient option for a large email list, but Constant Contact is more affordable in terms of a smaller number of emails, with their small deal packages supposedly being the best in the market.


In terms of email functions, AWeber and Constant Contact both offer winning features with AWeber allowing the creation of great opt-in forms and Constant Contact providing easy-to-follow instructions for the creation of professional emails. Both also score well with regard to email delivery, using permission-based subscription verification and offering email autoresponder services. AWeber and Constant Contact offer similar statistics services to help businesses track the progress of their email campaign better. AWeber does boast extremely efficient email analytics packages, so it is highly preferred by those that frequently send sales emails.


For further contrast, the following features are available in AWeber but not in Constant Contact: RSS to email; social network sign-up forms; lots of plugins for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal; and triggered campaigns. On the other hand, Constant Contact carries the following unique features: online training with step-by-step features and automatic follow-up emails to sent emails to subscribers.


AWeber and Constant Contact have their respective pros and cons, but, overall, AWeber takes the lead with its benefits proving to be more business growth-oriented. Click here to start using Aweber for your business today.

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