Automated Marketing: How To Track Online And Offline Sources

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Do you know where your traffic is coming from mostly? Are you keenly aware about specific sources that drive prospects to your site? If you are not entirely sure just yet, then it is high time you did because identifying the most lucrative lead sources will help you improve your marketing strategies, eliminating sources that do not provide results, and allow you to create more targeted advertising. You can achieve this by using an automated marketing tool that lets you track traffic and leads.



OfficeAutopilot, an all-in-one business and marketing platform, features a marketing tracker that allows you to trace the response or action taken to your ads, emails, postcards, and every other marketing and advertising material. When someone clicks on your ad, he or she is sent to a unique URL, letting you know the lead source. Know that the tracker only counts unique clicks — according to OfficeAutopilot, the original action is always the most crucial one — so you determine accurate returns.


Here’s how to create tracking tabs for online and offline sources:


· Go to Tracking and click Add Tracking


· Name the tracker, which ideally should be the name of the source


· Pick the channel you wish to create: Online or Offline




a. Click Add Website


b. Choose websites you want to track. If you want to add a URL, click the button with Add Website to List. A pop-up window will prompt simple, clear instructions.


c. Click Track Websites. You may select options for your lead source, if not, you may finalize tracking.




a. Fill out the Landing Page field, which pinpoints where the traffic is sent when someone clicks on your ad or link.


b. Choose option for Lead Source, if not, finalize tracking.


c. Load tracking on your banners, links, or ads. Do this by copying the URL after Web address to place on advertising. Then link your banners, links, or ads to that URL.


· Choose an owner for this tracker


· Then save the channel


Once you have set-up your marketing tracker, the tracking tab will display details about the number of website visitors that came from specific sources (Leads), the number of people that clicked on the URL being tracked (Visits), the percentage of people who actually took desired actions like provide info (Conversions), and other critical information that will help you create an effective marketing funnel.


Track your sources right now with OfficeAutopilot. Visit our review page and get a bonus on top or your receipt.

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