Add Your Very Own “About Me” Landing Page

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Hey, this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages. We’ve been really inspired by these beautiful About Me LeadPages from Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, Kevin Rose, Veronica Belmont and a lot of other people. Now the About Me Page is often overlooked as a powerful marketing tool. It offers potential and existing customers and opportunity to get to know the person behind the product or company. A lot of times, this will be one of the more popular pages on a site because after being intrigued by a product or service, people have a tendency to want to know more about the person or company selling the product or service before they actually buy, sort of putting a name to the face so it’s not like they’re buying from some unknown entity that’s going to rip them off. This page let’s them start building a… (Keep watching to know more about it).


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