A/B Testing – A Way To Verify Intuition For Out-of-the-box Concepts

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An even better way to verify the worthiness of a proposed change is to run a split test. Through split testing or A/B testing, you can pit the new with the old and analyze which is truly better and by how much.


In a case study done by Laura Roeder Social Media, a company that provides social media marketing training for small businesses, Laura wanted to change her landing page’s headline “Could You Use A Free Plan For Promoting With Social Media?” to “Yours Is The Only Newsletter That I Actually Read.” She wasn’t sure if the new headline would work since it only referred to a newsletter and visitors wouldn’t be able to tell what exactly they were signing up for. However, her gut was telling her this was a good idea, so to verify her intuition, she ran a split test on the old headline and the new headline using A/B testing tool Visual Website Optimizer.


Laura ran the test for 12 days even if the initial results were already convincingly in favor of the new headline. After the test period, it was evident that the variation headline had more signups by 24.31% with 97% chance of beating the original.


Laura shares that her takeaway from this test is that it’s beneficial to do something a bit different to capture attention. Since visitors have a very short attention span, it doesn’t do to copy what other companies are doing as well. It’s also great to get feedback from the people who really matter: the customers. Her new headline idea actually came from a piece of the feedback that the company gets.


Frequently running tests, Laura gets a lot of use out of her Visual Website Optimizer, and she has been able to put together a list of best practices from this habit. You can follow her example to your advantage. By regularly running split tests, you can get a better idea of what works for your business and what doesn’t. For better results, get the Visual Website Optimizer now.

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