A Complete Tutorial On Using iContact Integration For LeadPages

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One of the top advantages of using LeadPages is that it offers effortless integration with some of the leading email marketing programs in the market today, helping users enjoy the best and most powerful tools for their campaigns. One of the tools you can integrate with LeadPages is iContact, an easy-to-use email marketing solution that offers a simple and efficient system for building lists, designing emails, sending and timing messages, tracking, adding sign-up forms and more.


With LeadPages, you can create a list in iContact, connect your LeadPages account to the iContact application programming interface (API) and connect your custom LeadPages to your iContact list. The process is so easy it is almost intuitive, but here is also a guideline for your further reference.


Step 1: How to create your iContact list
1. Log in to your dashboard.
2. Select the Contacts tab and click “Create A List.”

3. Name your list and click Save. Tip: Make sure the name is something you and your subscribers will easily understand. There is also an option to make a separate list label for public view.

4. Let LeadPages handle the process of creating your sign-up form.


Step 2: How to connect iContact API to LeadPages
1. Log in to your LeadPages dashboard.
2. Click “My Account” and “Integrations.”

3. Choose the iContact link.

4. Get your iContact user name. You will use this as your login name.


Tip: You can confirm or look for your login name by going to user settings.

5. Click “Get API password link here.” You will be directed to the External Programs page inside iContact.

6. Create a unique password.

7. Go back to the LeadPages dashboard and enter the newly created API password.

8. Click “Connect to iContact.”

9. You have now connected your LeadPages and iContact accounts.


Step 3: How to integrate your iContact list to a custom LeadPage
1. Choose a template and make your customizations.

2. Go to Opt-in Integration. Click on the drop-down menu under “Integrations” and choose iContact.

3. Go to the drop-down menu under “Choose your desired list” and choose the list you have just created.

4. Paste or type the correct address – the page where people are directed when they click your submit button – inside the “Enter your thank you page URL” field. Tip: You can choose the most appropriate page for your thank you page. It is highly recommended that you use LeadPages to create a beautiful page or you can have your new subscribers land on a page on your own website.

5. Click yes or no for your preferences: Use first name field (which means you can collect the first name of your subscribers along with their email addresses); Integrate with GoToWebinar; Digital Asset Delivery for delivering your lead magnet in place of an email service provider or a separate delivery page (if yes, you will be asked to select the asset or file uploaded to your Digital Asset Library).

6. Click “Okay” to finish the Opt-in Integration.


7. Enter and save the name of your page in the field provided. Tip: Make the name as specific as possible so you can easily distinguish it from the rest of the LeadPages you have created.

8. Edit the automatically generated slug for your LeadPage. Tip: Edit your slug or URL for public view to make it more unique and optimization-friendly.

9. Click “Save.”

10. Click “Publish” to verify your iContact integration.
11. You will be directed to the page confirming that LeadPages has published your page in the URL shown. Click “View Page.”

12. You will be directed to your live page. Enter your email address and click the submit button. The thank you page will appear.

13. Go back to your iContact dashboard. Go to My Lists. Click the subscriber link. This will verify receipt of the email submission.

14. Your LeadPages and iContact accounts are now completely integrated.


LeadPages also boasts of its fast-response support system. Use the help knowledgebase, access their learning links, learn more through their training resources or contact a support specialist via live chat or email by clicking the Help tab found at the upper right hand corner of your LeadPages dashboard.


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