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For those of you who do not know yet, Aweber is an email marketing software company. Basically, they assist you in building your website subscriber list so that you can send them emails, newsletters as well as autoresponders.

Having this list is vital in running your business, especially in the field of affiliate marketing. It is an essential part of business to keep in touch with your clients, and if you have a customer database, you can immediately and directly send them information about what’s the latest on your site and in the process, this will create an instant audience that will visit your site.

Aweber Email Marketing software has incredible tools, and it is extremely user-friendly.

One very good thing about Aweber is their performance tracking. They have email analytics that tracks your campaign’s performance with:

  1. Who opened and did not open your messages
  2. Which of the links got clicked and who cliked them
  3. How much income did your message generated
  4. The number of people who stopped their subscription

The information that you will get is of true value to your business. How? Simply, because it lets you see what is effective and what is not. The information can then be used to change what made people follow your links, which can hopefully increase your click-through rate, which could possibly increase your profit.

Aweber’s HTML email template is another aspect that is really great. This makes is really simple for the user to make an email or newsletter that can be made specifically to any brands with regards to its looks and colors. There are more than 150 templates that are designed with 1 or 2 columns, add in your company logo, and they can now match your website’s web form.

Furthermore, Aweber has an autoresponder that automatically delivers email to your opt-in subscriber. What is an autoresponder? It is an email that is sent immediately after someone has subscribed to your list through the web form on your website.

With autoresponder, the interval of the emails that you will send can be customized according to your choice. For instance, you send your subscriber 1 email per week to keep him thinking about your company. It is important that a relationship is developed for your client to trust you and your company. This is the point where the possibility of people to purchase from you is high.


So, who should use Aweber?


If you are into building a real business online, then Aweber is highly recommended for you. It is a full-featured email marketing software that works really well with any email marketing campaigns. It is perfect for ecommerce sites, news sites, niche sites, blogs, membership, as well as real businesses offline that communicate with their clients through email.


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